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Electric Fuses

electric fuses
Electric Fuses

Havells specialises in manufacturing an advanced range of current limiting electrical fuses, fuse holders, fuse links and fuse bases in India and abroad. Electric fuses are used for heavy duty circuit protection and afford excellent over-current protection and noiseless operation. They provide protection against overloads as well as short-circuit. Havells electrical fuses assist in limiting or preventing short-circuit damage to various electrical components such as busway, circuit breakers, switches, etc. Various designs and accessories of fuses are available for use with motors, transformers, capacitors, and circuit-protection equipment.


  • Switch Disconnector Fuse
  • Fuse Link & Fuse Base
  • Fuse Switch & Fuse Base
  • Nylon Fuse Base
  • Fuse Holder

Application Areas

  • Industrial Plants
  • Shopping Centers
  • Hospitals & Schools
  • Office Buildings & Underground Residential Services

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