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E&E Components

Havells India Ltd. is one of the largest & fastest growing companies in India that manufactures technologically advanced and precision E&E Components including a vast range of capacitors. All these are meticulously designed with a perfect mix of aesthetics, features and an enhanced field performance.

The compact and elegant design capacitors from Havells India Ltd. are available in well insulated single, double and other types of can construction for added safety from electrical hazards. The capacitors range includes High Voltage Capacitors, Metallised Film Capacitors, Multilayer Capacitors, Power Factor Correction Capacitors and Tubular Capacitors.

These capacitors are widely used in various domestic and industrial applications such as fans, washing machines, air-conditioners, motors, refrigeration, chilling plant motors, etc.

By conducting a detailed research before designing the innovative capacitors, Havells India is able to fabricate them as per the requirements of the clients. Moreover, the company also provides an efficient after-sales service to the customers regarding installation and operation of the products to ensure an optimised and long service life.


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