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Havells Contactors are designed and manufactured to world class standards and fitted with block of 3 early make auxiliary contacts in series with quick discharge damping 6-resistors 2per phase to limit peak current to value within contactor making capacity such that normal rated capacitors current is carried by main contacts which, after closing effectively short out the resistors. It features high electrical life, low watt loss, safety against high voltage and require less maintenance.

Specification: Conforms to IEC: 60947-1&4 / IS: 13947-1&4
Execution: 3P/ 4P/ 3P capacitor duty
Utilisation Category: 12AC Duty Categories & 4DC Duty Categories


  • Common side & front mounted auxiliary contact blocks up to 80A
  • Top & bottom wiring option for coils up to 80A contactor
  • Front access to contacts
  • Shrouded terminals for safety against accidental touch
  • Liberal creepage values & superior grade housing material
  • DIN Rail Mounting up to 80A contactors
  • Wide range of accessories such as add-on auxiliary contact block, mechanical interlock, electronic star delta timer, surge suppressor and wide band coil

Capacitor Duty Contactor

capacitor duty contactors
Capacitor Duty Contactors

Normal contactor when used for capacitor switching is unable to meet the operational requirements. Hence, special Capacitor Duty Contactors are designed to meet capacitor switching application. The capacity duty contactors limit the current peak by inserting quick discharge series damping resistance.

Standards: IS/ IEC: 60947-4-1
Range: 12KVAr 50KVAr in 5 frames
Execution: 3 Pole
Ambient Temperature Range: -5°C to +55°C


  • High electrical life
  • Low watt loss & conservation of energy
  • Cost saving & less maintenance
  • Safety against high voltage

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