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The high quality capacitors are designed and manufactured by Havells India Ltd. These capacitors are manufactured using S3 technology that offers triple protection. Havellsí capacitors range includes High Voltage Capacitors, Metallised Film Capacitors, Multilayer Capacitors, Power Factor Correction Capacitors, and Tubular Capacitors.

These products are widely used for various applications to store energy in the form of electric fields. These products are highly appreciated for their durability, high performance and superior quality.

Havells Capacitors are available in a diverse range of power ratings from 1 to 50 KVAr, voltage 415 V / 440 V and quality standards conform to IS 13340: 1993 (IEC 831-1&2 / EN 60831)

Key features

  • S3 technology offers triple protection
  • Special mettalised film profile to withstand high voltage and current stress
  • Capability to withstand heavy current inrush current
  • Insulating top & front reduce chances of short circuit and provide safety to workmen during installation & maintenance
  • Energy saving through low electrical losses from the capacitor
  • Soft (semi liquid) resin to withstand high temperatures
  • Wall mounting facility (for square cap capacitors)

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